E’ possibile per il pianeta sostenere dieci miliardi di persone?

A United Nations report released on Tuesday projects that world population, instead of stabilizing at above 9 billion by 2050, will keep growing and may hit 10.1 billion by 2100.

The population of Africa, for instance, could more than triple, rising to 3.6 billion by century’s end. Nigeria, the continent’s most populous nation, could see its population increase from 162 million today to 730 million by 2100. Accelerating rates of growth are already evident: world population is expected to pass 7 billion in October, only a dozen years after reaching 6 billion.

How will the world accommodate this growth? What have we learned from history about how countries adapt to feed and house ever more people?

via Can the Planet Support 10 Billion People? – Room for Debate – NYTimes.com.



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